Tardy Policy

Policy Graphic

Policy Overview

Students are expected to arrive to class on time every class period. We encourage students to proceed directly to class by taking the shortest route.

Students are provided with assistance using these tools and strategies:

  1. Maps of the campus and hallway numbers are posted at each intersection throughout the campus.
  2. During hall change, teachers and administrators actively monitor students and encourage them to move along to class while pointing students in the correct direction to classes.
  3. At the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters, students are provided a 1 to 2 week grace period in order to learn the quickest routes to their classes.
  4. Students are reminded about the importance of getting to class on time during the morning announcements, during lunches, and during class time.
Students who are persistently tardy to school (1st period) run the risk of tardies adding up to count as unexcused absences (3 tardies equal 1 unexcused absence).

Consequences for Tardiness:

  1. Students are assigned lunch detention for every tardy.
  2. Failure to report to Lunch Detention may result in additional assigned days of Lunch Detention and/or SAC.
  3. Student administrators will make every effort to contact parents about student tardiness through phone calls home and/or letters sent home.
  4. Students begin to receive SAC once they reach a total of 10 tardy violations. At which time, students receive SAC for each tardy thereafter.
  5. Persistent tardiness may result in loss of extra-curricular privileges (Sports, Socials, Student Activities, etc.)