Activities and Organizations

  • Student Council
  • C.S.U
  • Pink Panthers
  • National Junior Honor Society
  • Accelerated Science Academic Program
  • Grantham Green GEICOS
  • The League
  • Student Socials
  • Student Social Eligibility Criteria

    Aldine I.S.D and Grantham Academy Dress Code Policies will be strictly enforced at all student socials. Students may come dressed in formal attire. Semi-formal attire is encouraged as long as they meet Aldine I.S.D Dress Code requirements. Students may wear the standardized dress to all student socials. Students not meeting Aldine I.S.D dress code requirements will NOT be permitted to enter a student social.

    1. Students are not permitted to attend a student social if they have gained the following absences, tardies, or disciplinary placements during a preset time frame (Students are informed of the time frame while the criteria for attending a student social is shared):

      1. 10 tardy violations
      2. 5 days of SAC
      3. 3 days of suspension
      4. 3 unexcused absences
      5. * Alternative Education Placement (ie. COMPASS)

    2. Students must be present in every class period on the day of the student social in order to receive his or her ticket for the dance. Students must be picked up at the time Grantham has set. Failure of a student to be picked up promptly from a student social event may result in loss of future social event privileges.

      ** NOTE: The 8th Grade Social is May X, 20XX.

      REMINDER: The Grantham 8th Grade Social is for Grantham 8th Grade Students only!!!

      Attending any Grantham Academy student social is based on your attendance, tardiness, and discipline. If you fail to meet these requirements and/or do not meet Aldine and Grantham Dress Code Requirements for the scheduled student social, you may NOT be given a refund due to your ineligibility to attend the social.