Televised Broadcast

Panther Broadcast Studio (P.B.S)

Instructor(s): Kamesha McNeil and Patrick Barrera

The Technology Education program at Grantham Academy addresses the interest and energy of middle school students while providing extraordinary opportunities for students to get hands on experience in a live broadcast studio. Each day the student’s script, produce, edit, direct, and participate in a televised announcement program that is live to the entire school. This provides invaluable experience in public speaking, poise, technology, production, and digital media.

Many schools have taped announcements but Grantham academy has the advantage of a broadcast studio with cameras, soundboard, microphones, video mixers, and other equipment found in television and production studios around the world.

Student Journalism

Instructor(s): Kamesha McNeil

Grantham Academy provides students the opportunity to participate in and work on the Yearbook Committee. The Yearbook Committee takes pictures, creates and edits movies, and adds audio to produce Grantham’s annual DVD yearbook. This year, students will work on a print version of a supplemental picture book as well as the DVD yearbook. While working on the yearbook, students will learn to operate a variety of equipment, editing techniques and software skills.