Teacher of the Year

Nisha DavisNisha Davis
Teaching Philosophy

 My philosophy on education is as follows; As someone who had a different career path initially, I truly believe in the quote, “Teaching is a work of Heart,” because I’ve experienced it first hand. I never knew I would love this job as much as I do. To be great at this, one has to have strong desire deep within and great expectations of themselves and their students. As a teacher, I want to motivate students to be risk takers and life long learners. Make mistakes, and learn from them! I want them to develop a passion for being a student forever. My philosophy is to remain relevant and relatable. My job is not only just to teach them concepts, skills, and ideas, but my job is to also make them care and see its importance, while showing them I care. I believe that students must be equipped with knowledge and tools that extend beyond the classroom for use in their everyday life, such as taking pride in their work, accountability, and being responsible. Each child should be prepared for the future, and it is my duty to help them achieve their vision beyond today, as well as create visions they may have never knew were possible. As teachers, we should create stepping stones that lay a foundation that will carry each student to a different level of success. When these levels of success are accomplished, that is when the student will realize that they, themselves, have built platforms to greater heights. My philosophy is much more than teaching. It is to educate, mentor, instill, praise, train, influence, guide, and most of all, inspire.